Pubblicato da: osesadm | ottobre 28, 2008

OsES Website translation

OsES operates in many countries. As such, it is important that our website contents are available to as many linguistic communities as possible.

The Translation Project has started and many website contents have been already translated in English. But help is always needed. At the moment we need to fix some pages and to publish the English, international website. Additionally we want to release a Spanish translation, as soon as possible.

Are you fluent in multiple languages? By contributing your translations, you will help OsES to make this site available in other countries and you will be part of a little team of people working to deliver our values. There are two different ways you can help the project: by translating the italian version of OsES webpages and by providing new interesting posts in your language.

You can become a member of the Translation Project by sending us an email. As a next step you will be included in a mailing-list and you will receive any updates concerning texts to be translated. 

Should you have any other questions on where to start or what to do, please contact us.



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